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Kaixo USA is a summer exchange student program for students living in Basque Country to come stay right here in Indiana! This program was created to offer Basque students an opportunity to have an authentic American experience, while improving their English and spending time with host families and new friends.

Each summer Crossview partners with Kaixo USA to provide host families. These host families open their hearts and homes to a Basque student for about 4 weeks, but the bond they build lasts a lifetime.

Keep scrolling for more information about hosting.

About Basque Country

Basque Country is a region in northern Spain and southern France. The Basque are a people proud of their rich history and culture with a strong desire to become an independent country. The Basque language is one of the oldest living languages!

Learn more about Basque Country and its people by watching the video above.

Host A Student

Kaixo means "hello" in Euskara, the language of Basque Country. Join us in saying "kaixo" to Basque students this summer!

While Kaixo USA will plan a few activities for students and families (Welcome Party, Tincaps game, etc.) students will get the most out of their experience by simply living life with you! Check out the video above from one of our host families to hear a bit about what hosting looks like.


If you are interested in hosting, want to support this program in another way, or have questions, please contact Jeff and Sara Smead.

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