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Vision/Mission Statement/What is Biblical Counseling


  • If I am a guest, where do I go on a Sunday to check my kids in?
    In the kids’ hallway, look for the big green boat. Our Boat Team is ready to welcome you and help with the check-in process.
  • What time does drop-off start?
    Check-In begins at 9:45. Our Nursery, Toddler, and Preschool classrooms will open at this time and be ready for drop-off. We invite our Elementary students to check in before going into the sanctuary with their family. The Elementary students will be dismissed to Sunday school after worship.
  • How do you contact parents if needed?
    If we need parents during the service, we text them with the cell phone number on file. Please keep your phones with you during the service.
  • How do I pick up my kids?
    At check-in, you will receive a parent pick up tag for all kids in 2nd Grade and below. These tags must be shown at pick up to receive your child back after Sunday school. Please either wear or keep your sticker visible at pick-up. They will be matched with your child’s name tag upon pick-up. Our Older Elementary classroom will be dismissed on their own.
  • How does Crossview ensure my kids are safe and secure?
    Your kids' physical, spiritual, and emotional safety is very important to us! Every Crossview Kids Ministry team member goes through the following screening process and must meet these requirements to serve with Crossview Kids. - Children's Ministry Application with positive references. - Clear Background check. - Children's Ministry Training.
  • What is Family Worship?
    Family Worship is the heart of Crossview Church. On the first Sunday of each month, we have what we call Family Worship. This is where all kids will sit with their family during the service. This is a special time for kids to worship, pray, and study God’s Word with their family and church family.

Jake North

Jake and his family have been faithfully attending Crossview Church since 2017. He and his wife Janelle are involved in several different leadership teams. When he’s not at Crossview, Jake works at Edgerton High School as an athletic trainer. He treats his job like a ministry, sharing the gospel and showing the love of Jesus to young athletes. Jake has his Biblical Counseling certification through ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) and is excited to see how God has opened doors for a Biblical counseling ministry at Crossview Church.

Care and Resources

All of us experience problems and questions throughout our lives. At Crossview we desire to help people with all kinds of struggles through Biblical Counseling.

If you would like to request help, click the button below to reach out to our counselor, Jake North, and let him know you are interested. He will follow up with you shortly about next steps. All information you provide will be kept confidential.

Additional Resources

In addition to counseling, we desire to equip you with additional resources to help you work through various problems and questions. We have linked a few libraries below that are filled with solid, Biblical videos, podcasts, and articles that we pray are a blessing to you:

Become A Counselor

If you feel called to become a certified counselor and help point people to Biblical Truth as they work through various trials, we encourage you to check out the ACBC at the button below. Dig around their website and resources, ask questions, and pray about if this opportunity is right for you! If it is, we’d love to chat with you about what it would look like to counsel here at Crossview.

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