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Find yourself on the journey. Which chair are you in?

STAGES is a disciple making pathway that allows anyone to find where they are on their journey and move forward.  STAGES provide built in assessments and goals to track where people are and how much they are growing.   Every person we encounter can be found somewhere on this path: NOT CURIOUS, CURIOUS, BELIEVER, DISCIPLE, DISCIPLE MAKER, and LIFE LONG SERVANT. Where are you?









At Crossview Church we would like to help you in this journey.  Please carefully read through the description of each of the STAGES listed below.  Click on the STAGE that best describes where you are at on your journey. This will take you to a short assessment that will help us determine your next steps.  A list of resources, growth options and ideas will be emailed back to you.

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CURIOUS (Hungry for Jesus)

"I'm curious enough about Jesus to investigate his life and teachings. I have a lot of questions like: How can I know it's real? How can I experience God myself? What would a relationship with God do for me? I also may have questions about specific Christian beliefs. I'll look at the Bible but I'd also like other proof that Jesus was really God."


BELIEVER (Being fed by others)

"I believe all the claims of the Gospel but I don't know how to put it all together yet. I don't feel very comfortable praying or reading the Bible on my own because I don't know what to do or where to start. I feel like I am totally dependent on others for my growth."


DISCIPLE (Feeding self)

"I can feel God working in my life more and more. I'm learning to hear his voice and am trying to obey Him. I know following Jesus means lining my life up with Jesus' teachings and commands like being baptized. I'm willing to do that. I'm starting to see my sin more clearly. I ask God to forgive me and change me regularly now. I'm spending time on my own in prayer, Bible study and serving others. God has put a desire in me to help others connect with Him like I have. But I'm nervous about this. So nervous in fact, sometimes I don't say or do the things God asks because I don't think I'm ready."


DISCIPLE MAKER (Feeding others)

"I'm being fed, feeding self, and feeding others. I've started discipling someone. I'm putting fear aside and obeying God even when I'm nervous. I know God will help when He asks me to do something. I'm getting skilled in how to help others journey through the STAGES. Now I look for opportunities to do so, especially with people around me. I'm far from perfect, but I'm dealing with my sin when I see it. I encourage others to do the same. My appreciation for God's grace is growing, as is my burden for the people who live without it."

Resource Links:

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