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Basque Country

Join us in praying for our students and leaders as they head off to Basque Country (just north of Spain) June 10th-20th!
Crossview has an existing relationship with the people of Basque through Kaixo USA. Each summer several Basque exchange students come to the U.S. with Kaixo and stay with Crossview host families. This trip will help us build on our existing relationship with Basque families and community. Our students will spend time visiting with exchange students who have previously come to the U.S. or will be coming to the U.S. just a week after we return! Our students will have the opportunity to experience another culture, learn about the missionary lifestyle, and pray for the community.

The vision is for the Holy Spirit to be present and felt throughout our students -- to be the light of the world in what has been described as a rather spiritually dark place. The Basque community is quite affluent and has a strong culture of being family-oriented. However, their focus on self and each other, strongly outweighs God at the center. Through our obedience to God's will, we will represent ourselves as children of God and have open hands and hearts for where God leads our conversations -- knowing that with God, all things are possible. And just as the Lord said to Paul in Acts 18:9, “Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent,” so must we obey the call to evangelize in the proper setting and time.


Join us in praying for the health and safety of our students and leaders as they travel. Pray that God would work in the lives of our students and open the hearts of the people they will come in contact with in Spain. Pray that this trip will strengthen our relationship with the people in Basque.


If you would like to financially support our students you can follow any of the options below to do so:

Give Directly To A Student
If there is a specific student you would like to support you can do so by giving money directly to them.
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Give Via A Check
A check can be written to Crossview Church with “Youth Mission Trip” on the memo line.

This money will go into the general mission trip fund - it is not student specific.
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Give Online
Click the button below and select “Youth Mission Trip” from the dropdown menu to give online.
This money will go into a general mission trip fund - it is not student specific.
*Giving online can be tax deductible by emailing treasurer@cvgrabill to notify them of your online donation.


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